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Tom Yates-2
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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 12:38:36 -0600
From: christopher williams <cgw at yoyodyne.io.com>
To: Tom Yates <madhatta at mathworks.com>
Cc: christopher williams <cgw at io.com>
Subject: Re: head count

No, but I'd sure *like* to. I had plans to get an F220 to replace
the Solstice ODS software-raid system we're using for mail now.
We currently support 5700+ users (with a SS10 that has a 125mHz
HyperSparc, and 3 pop/imap servers that mount the mail spool from
the mailhub).

Those plans got ixnayed (due to money concerns, feh!) and now we're
looking at getting an ALR PPro 200mHz running Solaris x86 with one of
ALR's recommended hardware raid cards. Definitely _definitely_ not
my choice. *sigh*

I didn't reply to the list 'cos this prolly wouldn't be very useful
to them. I just thought I'd reply to give my support for the idea;
I don't know how well it works, but I suspect that it will work
*very* well!!!

I'd go with an F220 at the minimum, unless you can afford the 330
already (they're trivial to upgrade, so buying an F220 is a cheaper
alternative). Depending on how many users you're going to have,
I'd also recommend getting 4mb NVRAM.


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In message <Pine.GSO.3.95.970226112407.19938G-100000 at sproing>, you write:
> anyone here using a toaster to serve /var/spool/mail, including to a mail
> gateway machine (ie, not just for reading)?
> any comments thereon?  particularly, what flavour of toaster, how
> configured, and roughly how many mail users.