Snapvault Lag on 7-mode filer

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Snapvault Lag on 7-mode filer

Alexander Griesser-2

Hey there,


I’m having some troubles with one of my snapvault relations and am wondering if someone is able to help me out here.

Sometimes, the Replication on the secondary lags behind with no obvious reason and it looks like this then:


FILER-01> snapvault status

Snapvault is ON.

Source                Destination                      State          Lag        Status  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume1  Snapvaulted    42:55:35   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume2  Snapvaulted    42:55:27   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume3  Snapvaulted    42:55:18   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume4  Snapvaulted    27:27:50   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume5  Snapvaulted    09:27:49   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume6  Snapvaulted    09:27:49   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume7  Snapvaulted    16641:27:47  Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume8  Snapvaulted    27:27:50   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/Volume9  Snapvaulted    27:27:50   Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/VolumeA  Snapvaulted    16641:27:47  Idle  FILER-01:/vol/SV_DATA01/VolumeB  Snapvaulted    16641:27:46  Idle

FILER-01> snapvault snap sched

xfer   SV_DATA01 sv_daily 7@mon-sun@0 preserve=default,warn=0


As you can see, I’m snapvaulting multiple source volumes from multiple source filers into one destination volume on one destination filer (the output above is from the snapvault secondary).

The schedule has been set up to run daily and it seems to have done that for Volume5 and 6 today, but not for the other volumes.

When I do manually run a snapvault update on Volume1 now, it goes immediately into the Quiescing state and afterwars updates the lagtime to 00:00:00:


So I have to do that for all the relations which are behind every other day and to me it seems as if they’re not really behind and this is just a display bug?


Also, I have no idea why Volume7, A and B show such high lag times – they do get updated regularly too and when I run a manual update on them now, it also goes back to 00:00:00 replication lag immediately after the manual update run has completed, but a bit later, it changes back to this insanely high lag time.


I’m running 8.2.4P5 7-Mode here.




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