DFM 3.2 Protection Polices - Backup Snapshot Policy

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DFM 3.2 Protection Polices - Backup Snapshot Policy

Ray Van Dolson-3
We have a Protection Policy with Primary data set to retain backups
(snapshots) of two daily's and two weekly's.

On the Backup side, we have it set to retain 6 daily's and 12 weekly's
(this is all via the GUI).

However, on the Backup side, I'm only seeing three snapshots -- one
which appears to be the SnapVault base snapshot and two others
correlating with today's SnapVault run and yesterday's.

There are a good number of Qtrees under this volume, and the various
snaps seem to have one of the Qtree names appended, but not all Qtrees
are represented.

Seems like we must be doing something wrong?  Anyone have any ideas?

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