CIFS Migration - 7.3.7 to 8.3.2

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CIFS Migration - 7.3.7 to 8.3.2

Stephen Stocke-3
Hello Fellow Admins

Sorry for the long email.  I'm planning a migration of CIFS data from a FAS2020 (7.3.7) to a FAS2552 (CDOT 8.3.2). I'd like to share my rough migration plan and see if anyone has advice/cautions/optimisations to share.

In my case, I don't need to just migrate the share data, I also need to split the data on the single CIFS source volume to several volumes on two SVMs on the destination cluster.

Luckily, I also have a 7-mode system running 8.2.4 (FAS2240-2) at my disposal.

My rough plan is as follows:

1. Qtree-SM the various departmental subfolders from FAS2020:/vol/cifsvol/folder[1,2,3,..] to FAS2240:vFiler[1,2]:/vol/cifsvol[1,2,3,...].  These subfolders aren't Qt's but my understanding is that this is possible.

2. During a maintenance window, update the QSMs, break, create shares, re-point DFS folder targets, etc.

3. Upgrade vFiler volumes to 64-bit (I believe this happens automatically).

4. Use 7MTT or manual transition-SM relationships to sync the data from the FAS2240 to the cluster SVMs.

5. During a second maintenance window, update the SMs, break, re-point DFS folder targets, etc.

6. Cleanup the FAS2020 and send it to live on a farm somewhere.

Of course, we could just setup the new SVMs & vols and use a tool like Robocopy to migrate the data but we feel more comfortable using storage level functions if possible.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the above?  I'm about to start running through this process with test data and I'm hoping your advice/experiences might help me on my way.

Thanks in advance.


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