Anybody else have a F210? (black cover)

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Anybody else have a F210? (black cover)

Meng Chua
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Anybody else have a F210? (black cover)

Bruce Sterling Woodcock
> Just wondering if anyone else out ther has a F210, Black cover.
> We have one, and its working out great for our needs.  Just wondering if
> anyone knows why the sales dept does not publich this product.

I can't speak for marketing/sales, but it's a *very* new product, so they
may not have much literature on it yet.

The F210 is a reseller channel product, so I don't think you can buy one
through sales anyway.  It's basically an F220, but only supports ethernet,
and comes in a nifty little cabinet.  Oh yeah, and the black bezel. :)

I don't have a product data sheet handy so I'm not sure what all the
differences are, precisely.  As always, contact your official NetApp
representative for details.


PS - As an aside, I suppose I should introduce myself to the list.  I
am the Senior Systems Administrator at Network Appliance, and I am in
charge of filer administration among other things.  My experience with
netapp filers started at my previous admin job at NETCOM, and I've been
pretty much familiar with the product since the Faserver 400 Release 1.0
days.  So I have had a lot of practical experience with the day-to-day
operation of the filer.  I am hoping that through this list we can all
learn some of the ins and outs of netapp's products and exchange ideas
on how best to manage them.

Bruce Sterling Woodcock ------ Systems Administrator ][ sterling at
Network & Systems Administration - Network Appliance ][ sterling at